What/ How many pictures should I send?

You should upload several good quality photos that are big and clear enough to see the details. Neutral light, without filter.

You DON'T NEED to send pictures of them sitting together if you want " multiple pets in a portrait". Separate pictures work best! 

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? Can I see the design before it's printed?

We will work with you until you are fully satisfied with your purchase. You will receive the design and mockups before we print and ship it out. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Can you do full body artworks?

Yes, if your photos are good enough ( clear detail, big enough to zoom in). You can send us a note during checkout that you want a full body artwork.

Please upload several photos of your pets, and we will get back to you if the photo’s quality is not  good enough.

Do you have custom human artwork?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not. 

Do you ship worldwide? What is the shipping rate?

Yes! We offer free international shipping across the world. Except for these countries:  Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea.

Email: kikipettee2022@gmail.com

Instagram: @kikipettee ( Feel free to send us a direct message any time)

Or click on the “Contact us” button on the bottom left of our website and send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.